Obesity is one of the most common medical afflictions that our pets face today. In fact, studies suggest that nearly half of all domesticated pets are overweight! If you’re wondering whether your pet could stand to lose a few pounds, use these methods from your Westlake Village, CA veterinarian to find out.

The Top View

Straddle your pet and look down on them from above. From the ribcage, the sides of your pet’s body should curve gently inward and blend into the back hips. If this area bulges out, your pet is likely carrying too much weight.

The Side View

Get down at your pet’s level and look at them from the side. Again, look behind the ribcage. Does your pet’s stomach curve up gently into the hips? If there is simply a straight line from the ribcage into the rear end area, or if the area sags, your pet may be obese.

Visit Your Vet

The best way to tell for sure whether or not your pet is overweight is to visit your veterinarian’s office. Your veterinarian can weigh your pet and tell you how to proceed. Set up an appointment with your Westlake Village, CA animal hospital today.

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