Are you the owner of a pet bird? It’s not always easy to tell when a bird isn’t feeling well. Here, your veterinarian Bucks County, PA gives you a few insider tips on spotting when your bird isn’t feeling quite themselves. 

Strange Behavior

Is your bird acting out aggressively more than usual? Hiding away when they’re usually friendly? Behavioral changes like these might indicate that your bird is in pain or is feeling ill. It’s worth getting them checked out by your veterinarian if the behavior persists. 

Cere Issues

Your bird’s cere is the area that houses their nostrils, just above the beak. It’s kind of like your bird’s nose. If you see discharge coming from this area, or crusted material dried around it, your bird might be ill. Let your vet know! 

Ruffled Feathers

Birds ruffle their feathers occasionally, yes. But they don’t typically keep them that way for long. If your bird has been sitting with their feathers ruffled for longer than a full day, something might be amiss. It’s time to pick up the phone and call your vet’s office.

Your veterinary clinic Bucks County, PA is here to help with your pet bird’s veterinary care needs.

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