Did you know that it’s very important where your cat’s litter box is located? If it’s not placed properly, your cat might decide to not use it. And that’s no fun for anyone! Here, your veterinarians Farmers Branch, TX offers tips on placing Fluffy’s bathroom box.

Easy Access

First things first: make sure your cat can easily reach her box at all times, even when you’re not at home. It’s easy for a sliding door, screen door, or other physical obstacles to block your cat’s path!

In a Peaceful Location

Nobody likes to do their business in an overcrowded, noisy area. This includes Fluffy. Put your cat’s litter box in a quiet, out-of-the-way spot where she can use it in peace. If your pet is startled while using her litter box, she may very well decide not to use it again.

Far From Food

Your cat doesn’t like to eat near the same area where she uses the restroom. Who can blame her? Put your cat’s food and water dishes in a separate area far from her litter box.

Do you need help with your cat’s healthcare or behavior? That’s where we come in. Call your animal hospital Farmers Branch, TX.

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