Are you about to adopt the second felines? Introducing him or her to your existing cat is an important moment. Use these tips from your veterinarian Bowmanville, ON to make sure the initial meeting goes smoothly:

Take Things Slow

Here’s the golden rule for introducing two felines: take it slow. You never want to simply drop two cats together and hope for the best, because it can lead to territorial behavior, fighting, and worse. Try keeping your new cat in the carrier or behind a baby gate for the first meeting.

Maintain Separate Spaces

Cats can learn to share a litter box and even food and water dishes over time, but it’s best to leave this for later in life. At first, make sure each cat has their own dishes and litter box in order to avoid any territorial instincts.

Remember Veterinary Care

Before you bring home your new cat, have them checked out at your local veterinarian’s office. Your new pet may need vaccinations or pest-control medications, and you’ll want them to have a full physical exam before introducing them to your current cat at home.

Ready to set up your cat’s appointment? Contact your veterinary clinic Bowmanville, ON.

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