Has your dog recently been prescribed a medication? Most of our canine friends will have to take a pill at one point or another, but it can be easier said than done to administer it! Here, your vet Washington, DC offers a few tips.

Hide in Food

Often, it’s easiest to hide your dog’s pill in food, whether it’s a glob of wet food or inside a roll of deli meat. With luck, your dog will gobble up the morsel without noticing anything amiss! Check with your vet first, though, because certain medications aren’t meant to be taken with food and should be given on an empty stomach.

Crush or Grind

Ask your vet if you can crush or grind up your dog’s pill and sprinkle it over his meal. For some medications, this won’t be possible; it could render the medication ineffective or introduce too much medicine to your dog’s system at once.

The Tossing Trick

Toss your dog a few dog treats, then the pill, then another dog treat. Unless your dog is extremely picky, he’ll swallow the pill without even realizing what it was!

To learn more about Fido’s medications, call your vet clinic Washington, DC today.

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