More than likely, you’ll have to give your dog a pill at some point in his or her life. That is often easier said than done! Here, your vet clinic Lakewood Ranch, FL tells you how to give your dog a pill without a lot of fuss. 

Hide the pill in food.

Many times, you can hide your pet’s pill in food. Try stuffing it into a glob of wet dog food, or wrap it in a roll of deli meat. It’s likely your dog will gobble it up without knowing there was medication inside! Check with your vet first, though, because some medications shouldn’t be given with food. 

Crush the pill.

Ask your vet if you can crush your dog’s pill and sprinkle it over meals. This can be an easy way to administer Fido’s medication, but it’s not always safe. Crushing could render medication ineffective or introduce too much to your dog’s system at once. 

Administer it manually. 

Gently pry open your dog’s jaws and place the pill as far back on the tongue as possible. Shut the jaws and stroke the throat to stimulate swallowing. 

Call your pet clinic Lakewood Ranch, FL for help with your dog’s medications.

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