For new puppy owners, it sounds like a distant dream: getting their new addition to sleep through the night. This is, of course, easier said than done. Here are a few tips from your veterinarians Frisco, TX. 

Wear Your Puppy Out

The greatest way to make your puppy sleep the whole night is to wear him out before bedtime. Time it right—you don’t want to get your puppy excited immediately before bed. Try starting a vigorous play session an hour or so before bedtime, and play with your pup for a half hour or so. 

Schedule a Final Bathroom Break

If your puppy has to use the bathroom during his time overnight in the crate, he’ll start whining. Make sure to finish off the night right before bedtime with a final potty break. That way, your puppy can empty his bladder and get ready to sleep the whole night through. 

Make the Crate Appealing to Your Pup

Make your puppy’s crate appealing with soft blankets, toys, and a chew toy. When you make the crate a place of comfort, little Fido will be more likely to relax in it. 

Call your animal hospital Frisco, TX for more tips on puppy care.

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