Let’s face it—most dogs shed. It’s only natural! However, there are a few steps to take if you think your pooch’s shedding is getting out of control. Learn more below from a vet in Lansing, MI:


Brushing your dog daily not only removes loose or dead fur from the coat, it spreads natural skin oils through the fur to moisturize it and reduce shedding at the outset. Ask your veterinarian what brush and bristle type will work best on your dog’s coat.

Quality Diet

Did you know that your dog’s nutrition has a lot to do with his coat quality and the amount he sheds? If a dog doesn’t receive the proper nutrients, the coat will suffer and shedding may increase! Check with your veterinarian to make sure your dog’s diet is up to snuff—a transition to a new food may be necessary.

See Your Vet

If your dog’s shedding is still out of hand, or if it seems to have increased dramatically in a short period of time, call your vet’s office. Medical issues could be to blame!

up an appointment at your vet clinic Lansing, MI to learn more about your dog’s grooming needs.

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