Every cat has a set of whiskers. They’re easy to overlook, but they’re essential parts of your feline friend’s body. Learn more about whiskers as your veterinarians Scottsdale, AZ elaborates below. 

What Do Whiskers Do, Anyway?

Whiskers are powerful sensory organs, thanks to the cluster of nerve endings at the base of each one. Whiskers help your cat piece together a picture of her environment, along with the other senses—they help Fluffy to determine the shape, size, and texture of objects around her, and they can even sense changes in air currents. 

Can Whiskers Indicate My Cat’s Mood?

Yes. When the whiskers stick straight out from the face like normal, your cat is feeling relaxed and content. If you notice them pulled back sharply across the cheeks, she’s probably alarmed or on high alert. 

Should I Trim Fluffy’s Whiskers?

No, don’t trim your cat’s whiskers for any reason. It can make her disoriented, dizzy, and even sick. It would be like taking away an entire sense in an instant! 

To learn more about your cat’s anatomy and healthcare needs, contact your pet clinic Scottsdale, AZ today. We’re here to help with all of your cat’s most important veterinary care needs!

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