You’ll know it when you see a Sphynx cat—their hairless bodies, wide-set eyes, and huge ears make them unmistakable! Learn more about these unique felines in this article from a veterinarian London, ON.

The Sphynx’s History

Records of hairless cats date back to the early 1900s, but the Sphynx cat we know of today originated in Toronto, Canada in the mid-1960s. When a pair of domestic cats there produced a hairless litter thanks to a random genetic mutation, the hairless Sphynx was born! It’s been spreading ever since and now boasts a large, stable gene pool.

Sphynx Care

Most aspects of the Sphynx’s care are the same as those of other cats. They will need regular bathing, though, to remove body oil that isn’t collected by hair like normal. Sphynxes will also need extra sun protection because their exposed skin can be easily burnt. Talk to your veterinary professional for more information.


Sphynxes are generally inquisitive, friendly, and intelligent cats. They have a high metabolism, so they’re rather high-energy and will love staying active. All in all, they make wonderful pets for most families!

Learn more about the Sphynx cat by calling your pet clinic London, ON today.

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