Cats are rumored to have nine lives. This is because their agility and cunning is beyond reproach. Everyone has witnessed amazing feats of gymnastics and general “awesomeness” by cats everywhere. So what’s the deal behind it? For the most current information, check with your Livonia vet clinic.

The Science is In

Cats are apparently designed to survive falls from the get-go. Being that they are incredibly light, not very dense, and somewhat fluffy, feline terminal velocity is lower than many animals. For questions on feline anatomy, check with your Livonia vet clinic. This roughly means that it falls more slowly than many other mammals. They can then twist their bodies like gymnasts midair in order to face downward so they can prepare for and take the impact of a landing.

Cats are incredible creatures. For more on cat care, check with your Livonia vet clinic.

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