Do your cats have trouble getting along? Thinking of adding a new cat to your household soon?  Help your feline friends to maintain a level of civility—use these tips from a Glendale, AZ vet:

Introduce Slowly

When first introducing your cats to each other, do so slowly and with physical barriers. This way, your pets have a chance to evaluate each other from a distance before being forced into the same area. It may take days or even weeks before two cats fully interact with each other!

Separate Food and Water

Keep your feline friends’ feeding areas separated, at least at first. This will help avoid any kind of territorial behavior or food aggression. This will also be helpful if your two cats are eating different foods.

Separate Litter Boxes

The same goes for your cats’ litter boxes as it does for food—it’s far easier to have two separate litter boxes so that your cats can each do their business in peace. Cats can learn to share a litter box over time, but you can avoid tensions initially by maintaining two separately.

For more advice on your cat’s behavior and wellness needs, contact your vet Glendale, AZ professional.

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