There’s no denying it – our dogs do peculiar things! Sometimes, it’s as simple as following you around the house everywhere you go. Other times, it’s gnawing on the front yard. So what’s going on when Fido eats grass? Is it a problem? Is it harmful? Well, always check with your Myrtle Beach vet for the best advice. But here’s some useful information.

Stomach Issues

One of the most common issues that cause dogs to eat grass is an upset stomach. This will often cause your dog to attempt to induce vomiting to quell whatever’s going on. If this looks like the case, contact your Myrtle Beach vet to make sure Fido’s safe.

It’s Tasty!

Your dog will eat pretty much anything under the sun – your lawn included. If your dog seems happy and not ill, don’t pay it too much mind. Check with your Myrtle Beach vet if you’re unsure.

All in all, it’s important to remember that if your lawn has been recently sprayed with pesticides, make sure your dog isn’t eating the grass. This could make her incredibly sick. For more on this topic, check with your Myrtle Beach vet.


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