Housebreaking your dogs can be an especially difficult task. Pet psychology is complicated and the reasons and motivations behind what our pets do isn’t always clear. So what do you do when your dog keeps going to the bathroom in his own crate? Check with your East Greenwich, RI vet for the best information.

Enough Trips?

First, it might be the case that your dog simply has been in her crate too long. Make sure that your dog gets enough time out. This can often be the biggest cause. Check with your East Greenwich, RI vet for more.

Be Observant

If that doesn’t work, one of the most critical keys to stopping this behavior is to become extremely observant. Ask your East Greenwich, RI vet about putting your dog in his crate and keeping an eye on him until he needs to go to the bathroom. When you see the visual cues that she’s about to go, say “Outside!” Then, get them out before they go. Over time, they will begin to associate the outdoors with where they’re supposed to go. For more, check with your Animal hospital East Greenwich, RI.

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