When you get a new dog who in your home, be patient as they learn your habits and you learn theirs. One common problem is a new dog urinating inside the house. There are many reasons for this. For more on how to curb this behavior, check with your Livonia vet.

Think About Why

Sometimes, it’s because your dog isn’t housebroken. For new puppies or rescues, this is more often the case. Ask your Livonia vet for ideas on how to encourage your dog to let you know when it needs to go. Also, increase the frequency that you take it out until you get on a rhythm.


The best tool in your arsenal for fixing this problem is going to be training, consistency, praise, and treats! Never doubt the power of bribery to curb your dog’s habits. Ask you Livonia vet for advice on how best to reward your dog.

If your dog continues to eliminate indoors, try to clean the area and remove the scent. Never punish your dog after the fact – their lacking memory means that they won’y

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