Anyone attempting to raise or train a dog has experienced this before. You wake up and Wags is fast on your tail. He is young and wants to play. You get out the bowl and pour in the right amount of food so that he can be vibrant and active throughout. Then, you leave him to breakfast and go get your own coffee ready. After watching some morning news show and eating your own breakfast, you get up to see if Wags has finished. Walking in, you see him laying on the floor, nibbling on his favorite chew toy. His bowl sits next to him, completely untouched.

So what do you do? This has always been a problem for pet owners. You want your dog to be happy and healthy, but he refuses to eat! It can get very frustrating.

Well, have no fear. Here are some wonderful tips you can use to help get Wags to eat his breakfast and stay on the right schedule:

  1. His Environment

Keep in mind that when dogs are first in their new environments, they are less likely to have an appetite. In the wild, where their instincts were honed by their ancestors, eating was a moment of vulnerability. So, if your dog feels uncomfortable in new surroundings, you can always try putting his favorite toys or blankets around the let him know it’s a safe space.

  1. No Human Food

Feeding your dog from the table will only encourage him to eat what he isn’t going to normally get. Make sure to turn him down, no matter how big and brown his puppy eyes might get and discourage him from begging. This will increase his interest in his own food.

  1. Add Water

Sometimes, a simple shift in texture or temperature can be all that is needed to get Wags to eat his meal. Try adding in warm water to see if he finds it more palatable. This is a far easier and cheaper solution than switching to wet food.

  1. Routine

Starting and sticking to a routine is the best way to ensure that your dog will eat his food at the appropriate times. Give it time and he’ll figure it out. Then, you’ll be able to enjoy your morning coffee with the confidence that Wags is getting his nourishment!

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