This can be a very frustrating issue at times. Your dog Fido is perfectly happy and he loves treats! But it’s the hardest thing – if not impossible – to get him to eat his dinner. For the best techniques for getting your dog to eat, check with your Poway vet clinic.


It can be helpful to mix in some water with your dog’s food. This can sometimes make it softer and more palatable to some dogs. Ask your Poway vet clinic to see if this is a good idea for your dog specifically.

Wet Food

Different from simply adding water, wet food comes in cans and is very pungent. It is also often more expensive, so if something else can be successful, try it first. It’s difficult to switch off of wet food once your dog has a taste for it. For advice here, check with your Poway vet clinic.

Sometimes, a combination method works best and can save you money. Always praise your dog when he or she finishes his bowl. For the most up to date information, check with your vets Poway.

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