If your dog is getting up there in the age department, he needs your loving attention now more than he ever did. Use these tips from a Livonia, MI veterinary professional to keep your aging canine companion in great health:

Veterinary Visits

When your dog visits the vet’s office regularly, any health concerns can be caught early via screening and standard tests. Therefore, any issues can be dealt with early on, before they’re able to become more problematic. It’s recommended that your senior pooch see the vet at least twice per year—set up an appointment today.

Proper Diet

Is your dog eating the proper diet for his age? The nutritional needs of senior dogs are much different than those of a puppy. Talk to your vet to get a recommendation on a great senior diet for your particular dog’s needs.

Regular Exercise

Older dogs need their exercise just as much as young dogs! Ask your vet for advice on light exercise routines that will keep your pooch’s body in tip-top shape without over-exerting him.

Does your senior dog need professional veterinary care? Do you have questions about the best healthcare techniques for Fido? Call your Veterinarian Livonia, MI.

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