Your pet is safest and happiest at home with you and your family—with that being said, there are a few hazard spots to be aware of! Keep your pet safe and sound with these tips from a London, ON veterinarian.

The Kitchen

Plenty of human foods—onions, garlic, chives, leeks, scallions, shallots, avocado, chocolate, candy, gum, salty foods, fatty items, and much more—aren’t good for pets. Kitchens also contain hot surfaces like stovetops, coffee pots, and toasters, as well as sharp objects such as knives, graters, soup can lids, and more. Keep pets out of the kitchen during mealtime to be safe.

Medicine Cabinets

Antidepressants, prescription drugs, cough syrup, standard aspirin; there are all sorts of human medicines that pets shouldn’t have! Keep your pet far away from the medicine cabinet, and never store your pet’s medicines next to your own.

Supply Closets

Cleaning supplies like bleach, carpet cleaner, furniture polish, glass cleaner, and even household disinfectants can poison a pet who manages to swallow them. Restrict your pet’s access to the supply closet at all costs.

Want more advice on keeping your pet safe at home? We’re here to help! Call your Pet Clinic London, ON office today.

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