Sometimes, cats can be a little difficult to read. Whereas studies have shown that dogs and humans scan faces and express emotions on them, cats and other mammals do not. So how can you tell what your cat is feeling? For the best information, check with your Poway vet clinic.


A meow is rarely ever just a meow. Cats use vocalizing to express interest in something. It could be a request for food, attention, play, or a host of other things. Getting to know the situations and intonations of your cat’s meow will help to understand what she needs. For more, check with your Poway vet clinic.


Often times, you will notice the fur raise along a cat’s back when she is afraid or on edge. This is an important thing to notice as she might be about to strike someone or something. Again, time will help you understand what is relevant to her. If you would like to know more, check with your Poway vet clinic.

Cats are lovable and cuddly. Understanding how yours communicates will make everything flow more smoothly. For more, check with your Poway vet clinic.


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