Has your home started to smell a little too much like your pet? Use your Jacksonville, FL veterinarian’s tips to get rid of those pesky pet odors.

Pet Grooming

By grooming your pet regularly, you’re dealing with odors at the source. Use a brush to groom your pet every day; this will remove loose hair and dead skin cells, as well as spread natural skin oils throughout the fur to cut down on shedding. If your animal companion is especially smelly, you can bathe them occasionally using a cat- or dog-specific shampoo.


It’s not the most entertaining pastime, but regular vacuuming is a great way to cut down on pet odors around the house. It will remove pet fur, dander, and other detritus from your carpets and furniture, ultimately preventing smells from building up.

Odor Neutralizers

Air fresheners or perfumes simply mask odors. Odor neutralizers use special chemicals to eliminate the enzymes that cause odors in the first place. Ask your veterinarian to recommend a pet-safe odor neutralizer for your home.

Would you like more advice on combating pet odors to get your home smelling fresh again? Give your Jacksonville, FL vet’s office a call today for more information.

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