Noticing a stench every time you re-enter your home? It’s not uncommon for our pets to smell up our homes after a while. Use these tips from a Hinesville, GA veterinarian to get rid of the odor.


Start at the source of the odor—your pet themselves. Groom them regularly to remove loose and dead fur and spread essential skin oils throughout the coat. The occasional bath, using a feline- or canine-formulated shampoo, can also work wonders to cut down on smells.

Vacuuming and Cleaning

There’s just no substitute for regular vacuuming and cleaning. This prevents pet hair and dander from building up around your home and contributing to odors in the long term. Vacuum weekly and dust regularly to keep your home looking and smelling fresh.

Odor Neutralizers

Air fresheners simply mask smells. Odor neutralizers, on the other hand, combat the enzymes that cause odors at the source. Pick up a pet-specific odor neutralizer at a retail outlet, pet shop, or vet’s office, and ask your vet for a recommendation.

Does your pet need professional veterinary care? Would you like further advice on combating pet odors in your home? Contact your Hinesville, GA animal hospital for more information.

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