For many dog owners, shedding is the one drawback of their canine companion’s unwavering love and loyalty. If you’d like to address the dog fur piling up around your home, use these tips from your Minnetonka, MN veterinarian.


Regular brushing will do wonders for cutting back on your pooch’s shedding. Brushing removes loose and dead fur from the coat, tangling it in your brush rather than allowing it to spread all over the house. Brushing also spreads essential skin oils through the coat, keeping it moisturized and reducing shedding in the long run.


The occasional bath can remove loose fur from the coat and grime from the skin, making your pooch cleaner and preventing dog hair from winding up on your living room carpets and furniture. Use a veterinarian-recommended canine shampoo, as human shampoos may be too strong for your dog’s sensitive skin.

Veterinary Attention

If your dog’s shedding seems excessive, or if it has dramatically increased in a short period of time, let your veterinarian know. Medical issues like parasites and infection could be to blame, so you’ll want to have your dog examined by the professionals. Make an appointment at your pet clinic Minnetonka, MN today!

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