It’s Easter season again. Invariably, someone is going to think about getting a real-life Easter bunny for their family. But is this always the best idea? For rabbit care, check with your Indianapolis vet. There are many things to consider when getting a rabbit:

Not Always Cuddly

Rabbits can sometimes have a mean streak. It’s important to know the disposition of your rabbit, especially if it’s going to be around smaller children – they do bite. Check with your Indianapolis vet before making a decision.

They Chew Everything

Electrical cords, the wall, chairs, furniture – rabbits will chew anything they can, sometimes even more so than dogs. If you’re considering getting a rabbit, check with your Indianapolis vet for ideas for pet-proofing your house.

Sadly, many rabbits are abandoned every year just following Easter. This is very unfortunate and makes it even more important that you make sure that you’re able and willing to take care of one before you make the decision. Often times, your pet clinic Indianapolis is perfectly willing to discuss the matter and help you determine whether or not you are an ideal fit.

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