Let’s face it—it’s always nice to save a little money here and there. When it comes to your pet, there are ways to do that without sacrificing your animal companion’s well-being! Learn more here from a vet in Thorold, ON.

Practice Preventive Care

Have your pet wear seasonal or year-round preventive medicines to ward off fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and worms like heartworm or roundworm. Also make sure that they’ve received essential vaccinations against diseases like parvovirus, distemper, influenza, hepatitis, and rabies. The costs of these preventive measures are far less than the treatment required after the fact!

Groom at Home

Unless your pet has specific grooming requirements, save yourself a little money by grooming your pet at home with a brush. It’ll lengthen the time between professional grooming appointments, ultimately saving you your hard-earned cash.

Use Portion Control

Don’t overfeed your pet. Not only does this waste food, it can cause obesity. Obesity will be time-consuming, difficult, and costly to correct down the road! Ask your vet for advice on the proper portion size for your animal companion.

Does your pet need a veterinary examination, vaccines, or pest-control products? Schedule an appointment with your vets Thorold, ON right away.

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