When it comes to inspiration, you can never have too much. It can change your entire day in an instant for the better and has even been known to change the course of lives. Animals tend to play major roles in the lives of children with popular stories like Peter Rabbit, The Ugly Duckling, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. They allow us to approach and learn about the world even at a young age.

For some, this unfortunately changes as they grow older. People move on with their lives and think that animals and tender stories belong in the realm of childhood. They are sorely missing out!

Rescue Me

The stories of rescue pets are especially inspiring. These pets come from all sorts of backgrounds. Some were strays, some were abandoned, and sadly, many were abused. Several families, though, have found amazing new furry family members by adopting these beloved creatures.


One such instance is Trick the kitten. Trick was found by a woman while out walking her dog. She was in a laundry basket under the folds of a blanket and popped her tiny head with big yellow eyes, wondering who had interrupted her nap. The woman picked up the basket and took her home. Then she called the local shelter, noting that she herself wouldn’t be able to care for the kitten. The shelter came through and found a temporary foster home. When Trick was returned to the shelter, she was “scooped up” by a loving family and has been with them ever since!


Another story surrounds Fiona. Fiona was found in a trash pile in southern Louisiana. The couple that found her could tell fairly quickly that she was totally blind! They slowly approached her so so as to not scare the matted dog. Gaining her trust, they took her in, bathed her, and got her to a vet. In surgery, the vet was able to restore Fiona’s sight. The rescuing couple took care of Fiona until a family was able to adopt her for good!

These stories tug at our hearts and remind us why we choose to incorporate these furry friends into our lives. There are so many abandoned animals that need loving humans for forever homes. Additionally, many shelters need foster volunteers to help ease the pressure these facilities feel. We can do so much with so little effort.

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