One of the biggest and most important things that your cat will ever get is its vaccines. Vaccines have ensured a healthier population in all felines and have contributed to longer and more full lives. For a list of all of the required vaccines your cat needs, check with your Marietta vet clinic.

How they Work

Vaccines work by exposing your cat to a small, mostly dead form of the disease. Then, the immune system takes over, fights the mild form of the disease, and then your cat’s body is capable of preventing the illness altogether. For more information on them, check with your Marietta vet clinic.

Types of Disease

Some diseases are ones such as viral rhinotracheitis, Calici virus, and Panleukopenia. These diseases can be very lethal and attack various different systems within your cat’s body. For more information on them check with your Marietta vet clinic.

Vaccinating your pets is not only the law, but it the only way to prevent these diseases. Make sure that your cat’s vaccinations are on file with your local vet Marietta  which match its tags or microchip. They will help keep your cat happy and healthy.


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