Do you own a cat? It’s important to make sure they’re properly fed for a lifetime of great health. Here, your Minnetonka, MN veterinarian goes over the basics for kittens, adult cats, and senior felines.


Newborn kittens need their mother’s milk for healthy growth. If the mother isn’t available, a kitten formula will be needed. Within a few weeks of age, kittens can start to be weaned off of formula and start eating soft kitten food. Ask your vet for more specifics on your kitten’s dietary needs.

Adult Cats

A normal, healthy adult should be fed a premium adult cat food. Wet or dry can work; this depends on your preference and that of your cat’s. Be sure to use proper portion sizes, as it’s very easy to overfeed and cause obesity if you’re not careful.

Senior Cats

The nutritional needs of senior cats are very different than a kitten, or even a middle-aged pet. Ask your vet to recommend a high-quality senior diet made especially for the needs of older felines.

Do you need help planning your cat’s diet? Does your feline friend need veterinary care, vaccinations, or pest-control products? Make an appointment with pet clinic Minnetonka, MN.

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