Proper nutrition is essential for any animal. But this is especially true with cats. Whereas dogs can eat food that isn’t primarily animal based, cats on the whole cannot. Doing so puts them in great jeopardy and can really cause long term damage. For the best guidance concerning your cat’s diet, check with your Livonia vet.

Milk or No Milk?

It turns out that the old adage of giving a cat a saucer of milk isn’t really the best idea all the time. Whereas cats will indeed drink cow’s milk, it provides little in the way of nutrition that they need. In fact, for cats who are older than typical nursing age, it can be harmful. Cats often become lactose-intolerant once they are weaned off their mother’s milk. If you have any questions, ask your veterinarian Livonia for the best counsel on how to best feed your cat.

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