Exercise is an important part of any pet’s health, your cat included. It’s the best way to keep your pet active, engaged, and fit! Use these tips from a Plano, TX veterinary professional to exercise your feline friend:


Toys are a great—and fun—way for your cat to get daily exercise. Almost all cats love toys that mimic prey animals, like fake mice or birds. However, even a string dangling in front of Fluffy’s face will probably do the trick! Make sure your cat plays on a regular basis so that she gets the proper exercise.

Cat Furniture

Cat tower structures, which provide your cat with multiple levels to jump to and from, are a great way to allow your cat to exercise herself even when you’re not home. Many even come with built-in toys or scratching posts! Head to your local pet supply store to browse the selection.

Outdoor Time

While allowing your cat to roam outdoors unsupervised can be hazardous, going for walks with a specialized cat harness is a great and unique way to exercise your cat. Ask your vet for further advice.

Contact your Veterinarians Plano, TX for your cat’s veterinary care needs.

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