Many people have deeply-rooted personal convictions about animal treatment. No one wants to see an animal harmed. But at what point do we determine our pets’ diet based on our own? More specifically, if you are a vegetarian, should your pet be?

In dealing with this, always remember that it’s important to first check with your veterinarian. They will have the background both in medicine and with your pet in particular to know what to look for and how to advise.

Consider the Animal

Just like humans, there are a lot of different digestive conditions our pets can have. Some dogs can get irritated by heavy meat products while others can thrive on them. The important thing to consider here is what is best for the health of your pet. Many cats also thrive on a meat-based diet as they are natural hunters. Whereas dogs have a hunting instinct as well, packs of wild dogs can also survive as scavengers. This only goes to show that it’s important to consider each pet on a case by case basis, always getting the opinion of a trusted vet.

Getting All Nutrients

There are various studies that have a lot of different information regarding this subject. Whereas one study in 2006 determined that there was no section-wide deficiency, it can still be a riskier option. Taurine is especially important to cats who get the vast majority of it from animal protein. A deficiency here can be life-threatening so it’s important to check with your vet.

Safety Considerations

it’s important to go with the diets which have undergone trials. Many companies offer vegetarian alternatives, and in doing so there is some regulation there to ensure that the product is not innately harmful to any animal population as a whole. it’s important, though, to keep your pet up to date on all of its vaccinations and also to make sure that its blood is tested enough to ensure that it’s getting all of the nutrients that it needs. The last thing anyone wants is to put his or her pet in harm’s way. The best way to do this is to consult with your veterinarian to make sure it’s what is best for your pet.

Special Cases

Remember that there are several conditions for which a vegetarian diet might be necessary for your pet. There are a host of things from liver diseases to basic food allergies that could make your furry family member need any sort of special diet. Also remember that there are plenty of pets who eat only vegetarian diets, such as rabbits. If your particular situation is one that you really prefer a pet with a vegetarian or vegan diet, it could be best to select one of those.

For any other information about special dietary considerations for your pets, contact your local Greeley veterinarian.


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