Psychological health isn’t just something that humans have to contend with. Our dogs, too, need to be happy and have lives that are fulfilling in their own way. This is important to ensure that they live longer and healthier lives. Ask your Montgomery vet clinic for the best information on keeping your dog healthy and happy.


Dogs are social creatures. They live in packs and move in groups. Your dog wants to be with you. He or she will go to no end to please you in most cases. Playing with your dog and simply being around it keeps his or her level of happiness high. For more information, ask your Montgomery vet clinic.


Exercise plays a large role in a dog’s psychological health as well. Their brains – like ours – release endorphins with exercise. Dogs will be much happier when moving around. They will also maintain a healthy weight and live longer. For ideas on keeping your dog in shape, ask your animal hospital Montgomery County.

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