Almost all dogs shed naturally, but sometimes it can become a bit excessive. If you’ve noticed an increase in the hair around your home, use your Greenville, SC veterinarian’s tips to address the problem.

Regular Brushing

Daily grooming with a dog brush can do wonders for reducing the amount of hair that is shed into your furniture and carpets. Brushing removes loose hair and distributes natural skin oils through your dog’s coat, keeping it properly moisturized and cutting down on shedding in the long run.

Feed a Great Diet

Your dog’s diet can also play a key role in the amount they shed. If a dog isn’t getting the proper nutrients, poor skin and fur health may contribute to an increase in shedding. Check with your veterinarian to make sure your dog is receiving a nutritionally balanced diet to suit all of his or her health needs.

Visit Your Veterinarian

If you still can’t get your dog’s shedding under control, set up an appointment at your vet clinic Greenville, SC. Since internal health issues, parasites, skin conditions, and more could be the underlying cause of the problem, you’ll want to have a professional examine your dog as soon as possible.

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