Let’s face it—sometimes, our pets can be a little odorous. If you’re finding that your home smells a little too much like Fido or Fluffy, it’s time to act! The question is, what can you do besides clean the house and scoop the litter box? Learn more here from your Marietta, GA vet.


Brush your pet daily. This removes loose hair and grime from the coat, and also spreads essential skin oils through the fur to moisturize it naturally, reducing shedding and cutting down on odors. Bathing your pet occasionally with a canine- or feline-specific shampoo can also help.

Odor-Control Products

Air fresheners simply mask smells with odors of their own. Odor neutralizers, though, combat the enzymes that cause odors, effectively eliminating them for good. Pick up a pet-specific odor control product, and ask your vet to recommend a good one.

Space Restrictions

Some pets simply smell more than others. In these cases, you may consider restricting your pet’s movements to one floor of the home, or perhaps only allowing them up on one piece of furniture. This way, the area you have to keep odor-free is much more manageable.

Ask your veterinary clinic Marietta, GA for more tips.

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