Does a bit of a stench assault your nostrils when you enter certain areas of your home? If your pet is causing a bit of an odor, don’t worry—you’re not alone. Our animal friends can be a little smelly sometimes! Use these tips from an animal hospital Bend, OR to correct the problem.

Groom your pet.

Most of the time, the source of the odor is where you’ll want to start: your pet. Groom them regularly, and you’ll probably see a difference. Brush your pet every day, and bathe them occasionally using a pet-specific shampoo. 

Check the hot spots.

If you have a cat, the litter box is a likely spot for odors. Clean it regularly. Dog owners might check their pet’s bedding, as they spend a lot of time there, or areas where dogs might stash food. Remember to clean your pet’s toys occasionally and wash their bowls as well. 

Use pet-specific odor neutralizers. 

Air fresheners only mask smells. Use pet-specific neutralizer products instead.

If you still can’t seem to stop the smell, contact your vet. Your pet could have a medical issue, like a skin infection, that’s causing odors. Give your vet clinic Bend, OR a call right away.

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