It’s a dangerous business. Fleas can do a great deal of damage to your pet – and to humans. They can cause anything from mild skin irritation to even tapeworms in some cases. Flea prevention is essential to any pet. Make sure and check with your Myrtle Beach vet for more information.

How to Locate Them

Locating fleas can be accomplished by a visual inspection. Adult fleas will usually be visible on lighter fur pets. Brushing a paper towel several times over the fur can also show flea feces almost like dirt smudges that turn a reddish hue. Also having your pet checked out by your Myrtle Beach vet can be incredibly helpful in this respect.

Prevention is Key

It is an enormous hassle to be reactive to fleas. Simple treatments are cheap and effective for stopping fleas from ever becoming a problem.

Your Myrtle Beach vet will be able to offer the best treatment advice and care recommendations. Make sure you have regular checkups and use the medication given as directed.

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