If there’s one thing that cats are notorious for, it’s that they are very independent. Sometimes, they want to interact with you, sometimes they want you to stay away. They can be fairly enigmatic to figure out and cause a great deal of head scratching. Always check with your Jacksonville vet to avoid any issues.

How it Happens

Feline communication takes some observation on your part. How was their tail when they reacted that one thing you did? How are they acting around their normal meal time? If they greet you upon arrival, what’s their expression? Rarely do cats use verbal communication with other cats. Most often, they reserve that for their human counterparts. Cats are very intelligent. They observe us just like we observe them. They try to “train” their human by testing out various little meows, purrs, or tail positions. Ask your Jacksonville vet for more information.

What to Take into Account

The inflection of a meow can tell you a lot. Some of the shorter ones are greetings while a slightly more moderate pitched meow might be a request for something like food or water. Remember that cats have emotions just like we do. They might be frustrated or excited which can cause their intonation to change slightly. Watch and listen for these things carefully as they’ll give you clues as to what your cat wants. Make sure to watch its fur. When surprised or threatened, its hair might stand up no differently than human hair follicles do when they have goosebumps. Tell this to your Jacksonville vet so they can better work with your pet when it comes in.

Teaching Them to Understand

It’s also possible to teach cats various commands, but it is essential that you do so consistently and early on. Your intonation will say a lot as well. Don’t say “Down” or “No” in the same way you praise your cat. Your Jacksonville vet will tell you, this will send mixed messages and will result in an unresponsive kitty. Be consistent when you’re mad as well as when you’re praising. This way, the cat will learn what you expect of it. Repetition is also key. If your cat continues to try and get in your way when working – like walking on your computer keyboard – nudge it away and firmly say “No!” Your cat will come back several times. It is of the utmost importance that you repeat this the same, each and every time it happens. Otherwise, it will not learn. You can find obedience training at your Jacksonville vet.

Cats are wonderful additions to any family. It is easiest to teach them early on and don’t give up! Having two-way communications with your cat is an indispensable asset for cultivating your relationship. If you have any questions about what your cat is saying, contact your local Jacksonville vet clinic.

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