Any cat owner would tell you in a heartbeat that cats have huge personalities! If you would like advice on choosing a cat or dealing with certain issues of a cat’s personality, check with your Fort Collins vet clinic.


One personality type is the cat who realizes that he or she is fully capable of changing the environment. Sometimes this manifests itself in the form of a cat knocking things over (popular in memes) or pulling blankets to different areas.

“You do it!”

The next type is the type of cat who tries to get the owner to change the environment for them. They might meow in a certain way to get the owner to move the kitty condo, or even might start scratching in one area on the couch to try and keep others away.


Another kind is the sort that isn’t aware that the environment can be changed at all. These cats “go with the flow” and tend to be rather easy to please.

Whatever your cat’s personality type, check with your Fort Collins vet for advice on care.


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