When you decide whether to keep your cat inside or let him outside, keep in mind that outdoor cats often come into contact with wild animals. They can become predators or prey. Your Houston, TX vet can help you decide if it’s safe for your cat to go outside.


Domestic cats are one of the biggest threats to American wildlife, including endangered species. They are not native to North America. If you have an outdoor cat, it may be best to confine them to your yard to limit their hunting activities. Your Houston, TX vet can help you create a safe outdoor environment for your cat.


Cats are sometimes injured by larger animals in the wild. They also encounter other dangers, such as cars, poisonous plants, and dangerous chemicals. If possible, try to keep track of where your cats go when they’re outside, and monitor these areas for possible dangers. Ask your Houston, TX vet for advice.


Cats can sometimes pick up diseases from the wild animals they encounter outside. It’s important to keep your outdoor cats up-to-date on their vaccinations. It may be time to visit your pet clinic Houston, TX!

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