If you own a picky dog, you know that it’s often easier said than done to administer a pill. Try these tips from your vet in Biloxi, MS.

Hide in Food

It’s probably easiest to hide your dog’s pill in a glob of canned dog food or inside the center of a soft dog treat. You can also roll it up in a slice of deli meat. Most of the time, your pooch will gobble the tasty morsel right up without ever realizing there was medicine inside!


In some instances, you can grind or crush up a pill and sprinkle it over your dog’s food. Always check with your vet before doing this, though—it’s possible that certain medications can be rendered ineffective when ground up. Also, time-release capsules are made to be released slowly into the system. If a pill of this type is crushed, it may contribute to a dangerous overdose!

Ask About Chewables

Did you know that many dog pills now come in chewable and/or flavored varieties? They’re made to taste just like a dog treat, so dogs typically love them. Ask your Biloxi, MS veterinarian if your dog’s medication comes in chewable or flavored versions.