Vacations now happen year-round for many families. Whether it’s visiting the grandparents for Christmas, your sister’s family for Thanksgiving, or taking that beach trip in the summer, car safety is essential!

Here are some tips to make your travels as safe as possible:

  1. Secure your pet in a crate or carrier.

It should be well ventilated to ensure that your pet gets the warm or cool air circulating through the vehicle. Ideally, it should have enough room to sit, stand, and lie down. Remember that our family animals often aren’t used to the motions of a vehicle. Securing them will help to make sure that that they don’t get injured.

  1. Get everything you’ll need in one travel pack.

Account for the stops you’ll need to take for your pet just like you would for the rest of your family. Many rest areas have patches of grass which are perfect for a dog to relieve itself. Just remember to bring a bag for any feces. Also, make sure to bring its food and water so it can eat during a stop. Cars can be fun, but they can also be stressful, so try to keep some of your furry family’s routine the same.

  1. Never leave a family member in the car.

Remember that, just like with people, our pets can’t stay in a locked car by themselves. It’s very dangerous and a serious health hazard. If you stop somewhere, make sure that it’s pet-friendly, or at least have one family member who can watch them.

  1. Microchip your pet.

If, heaven forbid, your pet somehow gets lost during your vacation, a microchip might be the only way to find it. Many have been found and returned to their owners by simple microchipping. This can ensure that your four-legged companion will be found again if lost at grandma’s!

All of these will help your family companion to be as healthy as possible for the long ride. Pet safety while traveling is essential it can ensure that you will get to enjoy your holidays and not have to spend them in an animal hospital’s emergency room, or out all over the neighborhood looking for your loose dog. Our furry family can be the most heartwarming parts of the holidays, these suggestions can help your pets be as safe!

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