You’ve probably seen your cat cough up a hairball before. It’s not a pleasant experience to see! The question is, though, does it harm your cat? Learn more about your cat’s hairball production in this article from veterinarians Middletown, DE. 

Why do hairballs happen?

When your cat grooms herself, her tongue picks up a lot of loose fur from the coat. It gets swallowed, and most moves through the digestive tract and is expelled in the fecal matter. Some swallowed hair stays in the gut, though, and clumps together into a hairball, which eventually gets regurgitated. 

Are hairballs harmful?

No. Hairballs are not harmful to your cat, and the occasional hairball is nothing to worry about. If your cat is coughing up hairballs frequently, though, it’s time to call the vet. Something could be making her swallow more hair than normal. 

Can I help my cat cough up fewer hairballs? 

You can take some steps to make hairballs less likely. Feed your cat a great diet—proper nutrition means a healthier coat and less swallowed hair. And brush Fluffy regularly to pick up a lot of loose fur. 

Contact your animal hospital Middletown, DE for help with your cat’s coat.