Have you recently decided to adopt a guinea pig? These little critters make wonderful pets, but it’s important that you’re aware of their care needs ahead of time. Learn more here from a vet in Burlington, ON.

Cage Requirements

Select a wire-mesh cage with a solid bottom; this will be necessary to accommodate your guinea pig’s wood-shaving bedding material. The cage must be large enough to house hiding huts, food and water dishes, and play areas.


Your guinea pig needs a commercial pellet diet and timothy hay, both available at most pet stores and even in some retail outlets. They’ll also need the diet to be supplemented with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Ask your vet for the best choices; things like carrots, lettuce, cucumber, orange slices, and blueberries usually work well.

Handling Tips

Guinea pigs are often naturally skittish, so it may take some time for your pet to warm up to you. Don’t force it, and always be gentle. Scoop up your pig from the bottom; never grab him from the top.

Does your new pet need veterinary attention? We’re always here for you. Set up an appointment right away with your veterinary clinic Burlington, ON.