Are you considering adopting a dog in the near future? No matter what kind of canine companion you’re leaning toward, it’s important to make some key considerations. Below, your veterinary clinic London, ON tells you what to think about: 

Your lifestyle.

Do you have children? Do you spend most of the day at work away from home? Do you live in a home or an apartment? Consider these lifestyle factors before getting a dog. You don’t want to adopt a pet only to realize that it doesn’t fit in with your lifestyle. 

Your budget.

Let’s face it—dogs can be expensive. Be sure to think about the budgetary concerns of owning a pet. Vaccinations, pest preventatives, food, toys, and various other supplies will factor into this budget, as well as the cost of veterinary care. Make sure you can afford a dog before you adopt one! 

Your commitment. 

Some dogs, especially smaller breeds, can live well past 10 years and might be around for closer to 20. If you’re not prepared for that length and level of commitment, you might consider an older dog or another kind of pet. 

Does your new companion need veterinary care? Call your animal hospital London, ON.