Your dog uses their paws to walk, run, climb, play, scratch themselves, and much more. They’re very important body parts! It’s up to you to look after your dog’s paws—here are some tips on doing just that from your vet Orange Park, FL. 

Trim the nails.

When a dog’s nails grow too long, they can fracture painfully or get snagged in carpets and rugs. Trim them regularly using a canine-specific nail trimmer. If you don’t feel comfortable trimming Fido’s nails yourself, contact us for help. 

Check the paws.

Give your dog’s paws a once-over on a regular basis, especially after you’ve come back indoors after a walk. It’s easy for small objects—pebbles, twigs, bits of sharp plastic or metal—to get lodged between the toes or embedded in the paw pads. Remove these objects if possible, and let your vet know if you can’t.

Be careful during hot weather.

When a dog lingers on a hot asphalt surface during the summertime, they can burn the paw pads. Take care to walk your dog on cooler concrete, grass, or dirt surfaces instead of asphalt whenever you can.

Call your veterinarian Orange Park, FL to set up your canine companion’s next appointment.