Kneading is something that you may have noticed your cat doing—it’s an alternated pressing of the front paws into a soft object, such as a pillow, blanket, or your lap. If you’ve ever wondered why your feline friend does this, read on as your Frisco, TX vet tells you more.

Napping Prep

It’s thought that your cat’s ancient ancestors kneaded hard dirt or grass surfaces in the wild, softening them up for napping. It’s likely that your modern cat has received this instinct from past generations; perhaps that’s why cats often knead before a nap!

Territory Marking

Your cat’s paw pads contain scent glands, and those scents are released into the object that your cat kneads. In this way, they’re marking their territory. This is another reason that cats like to knead their bedding areas!

Nursing Instinct

Did you know that cats often knead their mother’s belly during the nursing period? It’s thought that it stimulates milk production in the mother. Some cats might experience feelings of contentment when they knead, which are possibly linked to their earliest days!

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