So you’ve made the decision – you’re getting a cat! Congratulations and you should be excited! But what things should you expect when you go to the shelter? Ask your Oceanside vet clinic for the best information.

  1. Informational Interview

This is an important step. Although the shelter does desperately want people to adopt their animals, they want to make sure that they haven’t also put their cats into a potentially dangerous home. They’ll want to check on the type of home you live in, how many other pets might be there, and your income to make sure that you can afford all necessary food and care. Ask your Oceanside vet clinic for more.

  1. Possible Home Visit

Often times, it is a regional law that appropriate shelters are required to conduct a home visit to make sure that the domicile isn’t going to endanger the cat. Unfortunately, this does happen from time to time. No one wishes to snoop, they only wish to ensure that your furry friend will be comfortable. Ask your Oceanside vet clinic for more.

Good luck on the journey of adoption! It’s incredibly rewarding. For questions, check with your Oceanside vet clinic.


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