Are you going to be adopting a guinea pig soon? These little critters make great pets! For insight into their basic care needs, read on as a Fort Collins, CO vet tells you more.

The Cage

Your guinea pig will need a sizeable wire-mesh cage with room for a hiding hut, food dish, water bottle, toys, and playthings. It needs a solid bottom, which will hold your pig’s wood-shaving bedding material. (The shavings should be scooped out and changed regularly.)

The Diet

Along with a steady diet of commercial pellet food and plenty of timothy hay, your guinea pig will need fresh fruits and vegetables on a regular basis. Good choices include apples (without the seeds!), kiwi, zucchini, cucumber, carrots, and lettuce. Ask your vet for more details on guinea pigs’ nutritional requirements.

Dental Care

If a guinea pig’s teeth are allowed to become too long, they can affect eating and oral health. By providing your pet with chew toys and visiting the vet’s office frequently, you’ll avoid any trouble!

Would you like a recommendation on good guinea pig chew toys? Does your new pet need an appointment? Call your veterinary clinic Fort Collins, CO today. We’re here to help!


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