Vaccination is your dog’s first line of defense against dangerous and contagious diseases—they’re an essential part of good health for any dog! Here, your Moorpark, CA veterinary professional goes over the basics of your dog’s vaccines.

Core Vaccines

All dogs should receive the core vaccines, which are considered necessary regardless of breed, living condition, or any other circumstance. The core vaccines are usually administered together in a batch while your dog is still young. Core vaccines include those that protect against rabies, distemper, calicivirus, and parvovirus. Ask your vet for more information on these essential vaccinations.

Non-Core Vaccines

Non-core vaccines may be administered to some dogs based on circumstance or certain conditions, but they’re not necessarily essential for all dogs. Examples of non-core vaccines include those that protect against the Bordetella virus (kennel cough) and leptospirosis.

Getting Started

Does your dog need core or non-core vaccinations to help him stay healthy? Not sure if your canine companion received the vaccines he needed while he was a youngster? Set up an appointment today to vets Moorpark, CA  for help. Your vet can tell you all about the vaccines your dog needs and administer them as soon as possible.

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