Veterinarians have seen a bit of an uptick in cases of marijuana poisoning in dogs, especially as the drug continues to become legalized across the country. The real danger comes when dogs ingest marijuana that’s left unattended. Learn more here from a veterinarians Aurora, CO.

Can Dogs Get High?

Yes, dogs can technically get high. That’s because marijuana’s psychoactive ingredient, THC, affects dogs just like it affects humans. But there’s a difference: the drug is much more potent to dogs thanks to their smaller size, and they won’t be prepared for the effects the way a human would be.

What are the Symptoms of Marijuana Poisoning?

A dog suffering from marijuana poisoning may experience loss of coordination, hypersensitivity to sound and touch, and incontinence. And if a dog ingests an “edible” (a food made with marijuana as an ingredient) other serious symptoms can occur. That’s because edibles are often made with a lot of fat, sugar, butter, or other dangerous foods.

How Do I Keep My Dog Safe?

Never give your dog marijuana on purpose, and don’t let them access the drug under any circumstances. It’s that simple!

Call your animal hospital Aurora, CO to make your dog’s next appointment.

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